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    Club House: The Club Ill Blog

    Welcome to the Club House: The Club Ill Blog

    Welcome to the Club House- the Club Ill blog. For our first post I am going to explain to you why I started this company using a Lord of the Rings analogy. Enjoy!

    Chronic illness sucks. There are a million different ways it can suck- physically. However emotionally people are the same. They feel like they are the only one. They feel that no one believes them. They feel that they are going crazy. No one wants to start a support group and be the only on their- that is…depressing. I know I did it. I was so upset that I took a nap. An anger nap. That's why I started this company. I want people to see physically see that they are not alone- a stranger on the 6 train in NYC. Walking down Broadway in Nashville. Jogging the green line in ATL. Walking the common in Boston. On the Santa Monica Pier in LA. Paddle boarding on lady bird lake in Austin- you get the point.

    So even though all of the physical symptoms are different- the emotional ones are the same. And yet like the medical system- we feel siloed in our own illness condition- in our own illness identity. Fragmented. I'm tired of feeling alone. I want to feel alone- together.


    Such as in the Lord of the Rings, when the Ents and Hobbits attack Isengard, the Ents protect the Hobbits from the deluge by lifting them on to their shoulders. Though they are of different tribes they unite around a common goal. Maybe we too can unite the illness identities in order defend each other from the forces of depression, loneliness, and confusing explanation of benefits from insurance companies.