5% Profits to Charity and 5% to Artist Equity
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    My name is Dan Friend.

    After living with chronic pain for over ten years, I decided to try a new kind of treatment: self-expression. I was tired of keeping such a large part of my identity hidden under lock and key, tired of the emotional pain that came with maintaining the fiction that I was fine, normal, like everybody else. It was time for me to not only accept that part of myself, but to take pride in it, and help others do the same. So one day after a doctor’s appointment I drew a mockup of a t-shirt design, transferred my savings into a business checking account, and Club Ill was born.

    Club Ill is a clothing company dedicated to changing the way society views chronic illness by giving people the opportunity to show the world who they really are. We want people to see this illness as a strength, not a weakness. We want people to understand that chronic illness can be both ugly and beautiful, that those who live with chronic illness can experience tremendous compassion, empathy, and even humor.

    Our designs are inspired by the challenges, discoveries, and aspirations familiar to those of us who live with these conditions. Sometimes we want to be activists, spreading awareness and educating the public. Other times we want to be chameleons just trying to blend in. Some days we’re angry. Some days we’re sad. And some days we’re just tired.

    But whatever you’re feeling, whenever you’re feeling it, Club Ill has a super comfy, quality-made shirt that’s right for you. 

    For those who feel invisible – We See You.

    For those who feel isolated or alone – We See You.

    For those who feel limited, underestimated, or doubted – We See You.


    Your Friend,

    Dan Friend