5% Profits to Charity and 5% to Artist Equity
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    Harrogate, TN

    Website: http://dendrondesignco.com/

    I'm the full-time sole proprietor of Dendron Design Company, based in Eastern Tennessee.

    I offer a myriad of design services including branding packages, photography, videography, websites and much more! My passion is to use design in a way that matters.

    Advertising can be used for much more than selling a product, like promoting an idea or a mission to better the world.

    By combining my talents and creativity with that objective, I'm able to use Dendron as a medium to promote education, conservation, and environmentalism efforts as well as many other organizations that simply need a strong voice. I'm an optimist at heart, that is always looking for real, data-driven, solutions to our world problems.

    One of the more social issues that need a voice is the public perception of invisible diseases, such as chronic pain. I've lived with AS, a type of arthritis, since I was a small child so getting to promote this voice is a very personal opportunity for me. Often people with diseases that are not obvious are discounted or treated differently for their struggles. Part of this voice is using art to illustrate the emotional and mental states of those suffering, so that the public may have a short glimpse into their day-to-day and begin to understand. It is not a cry for sympathy, but rather an expression of strength.